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TG 99

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Tour guide system

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Price: €125.00
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Compact and comprehensive, this device can act as both a transmitter and receiver that communicate with endless units of the same model. Loans ranging from guided tours to the use in the field of security (bouncers and bodyguards) to use as an intercom between motorcycle or a thousand other uses. By inserting the optional microphone MG 99 will also be used as a transmitter. For use as a receiver, just plug in normal headphones or earphones (not provided with the microphone). Embed a rechargeable lithium battery (via usb charger supplied) which gives a longer range of use (over 10 hours). You can conveniently keep in your pocket or belt to apply thanks to the clip provided. A type of OLED display shows the status of non-functioning and allows you to set the unit on one of the 100 available channels.

    • Operating time over 10 hours
    • Lithium batteries used
    • UHF frequency used
    • Color White
    • Weight 40 gr
    • Dimensions 47 x 90 x 14 mm
    • Power Supply Battery Only
    • Package Type Color Box