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TG 100RX

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Receiver equipped with monaural in combination with TG 100TX (transmitter). To be combined with the CHG 100 multiple charger. It is possible to use an adapter  in case you want to use a different headset than the one supplied which will make the output for the headphones from mono to stereo


    • Operating autonomy - 5/20 hours
    • Batteries used at Ltio 3.7V Rechargeable 1000mA
    • Frequency used - 2.4GHz
    • Power cable length - 80cm
    • Black colour
    • Product dimensions 55x90x25 mm
    • Also powered by batteries
    • Notes monaural cable - 95cm
  • 50 channels available
  • volume regulator
  • frequency range 2400-2480MHz
  • range of action: 80 / 150mt in optimal conditions
  • Sensitivity: -102dBm
  • Output: 3.5mm mono