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Illuminator led

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Illuminator Ultraflat positioned either on pylons that can rest on any surface thanks to the unique double bracket. Thanks to its 181 LEDs of RGB by 10mm is capable of generating a light beam particularly intense, of each color. It operates in both automatic and following the rhythm of music. It can also be connected to professional systems DMX. The practical display facilitates settings. The low consumption makes it suitable for use domestici.Dispone remote control to control the main functions remotely.

    • Mounting bracket: Fastening bracket
    • Material of construction: Metal
    • Number of channels managed: 3, 5 or 7 DMX channels
    • Effect Dimmer: Yes, you have the possibility of dissolving from 0 to 100% and vice versa
    • Strobe Function: Yes, it is able to recreate the stroboscopic effect
    • Type of operation: Automatic Time + music + DMX + master slave
    • Input connectors: XLR
    • Output connectors: XLR
    • Waterproof: Indoor use only
    • Display: Yes
    • Device Headlight: wash
    • Light source: Led 10mm
    • Number leds: 181
    • Color: Black
    • Weight (kg): 2.3
    • Dimensions: 251 x 290 x 68 mm