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Earbud With Lip Gloss & Comp Mirror

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Pop Gloss includes a stereo earbud that delivers a frequency response of 80-20,000 Hz for an impressive stereo sound. Incorporating a small stereo transducer, the Pop Gloss earbud can be used with any portable radio, MP3 or CD player. To match every young music lover's mood, Pop Gloss also includes 4 lip-glosses in trend-setting shades, an application brush and an eye-catching mirrored compact. The palm-size compact includes a wind-up spool for protective storage of the earbud and a protective covering for the glosses. Available in purple, orange, pink and blue, collect one or all four Pop Glosses for the ultimate fashion and music accessory when you are on the move.

    • Frequency Response 80-20,000 Hz
    • Impedance 32 ohms
    • Sensitivity 82 dB SPL/1mW
    • Distortion <1.0%
    • Cord Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft