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MX 4704 USB

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4ch Mixer with MP3 player

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Price: €125.00
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4-channel microphone mixer can handle up to 2 microphones or mono line level signals. The volume of each channel is controlled by a slider and has to give precise control shades high, medium and low, and gain control. A button allows you to turn the power + 48V inputs equipped with XLR. Other features are: phone jack with volume independent management send / return for external effects and adjustable echo command. An MP3 player with display complete this extraordinary device.

    • Input connectors: XLR + RCA + 6.3mm
    • Output connectors: 6.3mm
    • Number of line inputs: 4
    • Microphone inputs: 2
    • Number of channels: 4
    • Function: Echo effect
    • Effects: Send / Return for external effects
    • Phantom 48V
    • VU METERS: Yes
    • Weight (kg): 1
    • Dimensions: 250 x 38 x 210 mm