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USB headset with microphone for video calls

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Price: €24.00
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BUY Online: €22.00
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Lightweight, comfortable to wear and designed for making video calls, following video lessons or simply using headphones and microphone for countless applications. The cable ends with a practical USB connector and has a volume control, "mute" button and a button for immediate exclusion of the microphone. The headband is adjustable as well as the microphone boom and can be positioned correctly in front of the mouth and raised when not in use.
1.8m long cable

    • USB connector
    • Type: Headphone with microphone
    • Adjustable volume: Yes, thanks to a control applied to the cable
    • Pavilions: The pavilions are adjustable to perfectly fit the listener
    • Cable length: 1.8 mt
    • Microphone type: Condenser
    • Speakers size: 30 mm
    • Black colour
    • Weight(Kg): 0.09