Portable Digital Audio Recorders
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Code: 5808

4-track handheld recorder with Wi-Fi functionality



The DR-44WLB revolutionises handheld recorders with its Wi-Fi feature. A free app for iOS or Android devices provides control, file transfer, and audio streaming to your smartphone or tablet computer. Start recording while on stage or from anywhere in the room. Set trim levels, check meters and control the transport. At the end of a performance, transfer recordings to your smartphone and instantly upload them to SoundCloud or Facebook, or even e-mail directly to fans.

The DR-44WLB has a pair of high-quality stereo condenser microphones built from high-performance components and arranged in XY pattern. These mics can handle high sound pressure levels without distortion. Two locking XLR inputs for external mics or sources are also available.With four independent recording tracks, built-in mixer with reverb effect plus a bounce feature, the DR-44WLB offers the ability to create true multitrack recordings.Or record two tracks in different formats (WAV/MP3) or with different level settings.

Portable 4-track recorder with WLAN functionality 24-bit / 96 kHz up to 4 tracks recordable in WAV or MP3 format (WAV up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, MP3 up to 320 kBit/s) two condenser microphones in XY configuration, up to 132 dB SPL +48 phantom power for external microphones.

Pre-record, auto-record, dual-record (level or format), self-timer, bounce function, punch-in/-out in multitrack mode, selectable delay time to compensate for delay time differences between the internal and external microphones Limiter, auto level adjustment, XRI (saves recording info in BWF file), practice function (pitch and/or speed can be changed), loop playback, reverb effect, metronome, voice function, tracks can be mixed, files can be split/cut can be controlled remotely via WLAN via DR Control app integrated monitoring speaker.

    • Integrated Stereo Microhone Yes
    • Recording Tracks 4
    • Microphone Inputs 2
    • 48 V Phantom power  Yes
    • Line Inputs 2
    • Storage Medium  SD/SDHC/SDXC Card
    • Headphone connection  Yes
    • Integrated Speaker Yes
    • Resolution max. 24 bit
    • Max. Sample Rate 96 kHz
    • Limiter Yes
  • General Recording media: SD card (64 MB – 2 GB) SDHC card (4–32 GB)  SDXC card (64–128 GB)
  • Recording/playback formats: BWF: 44.1k/48k/96kHz, 16/24 bit WAV: 44.1k/48k/96kHz, 16/24 bit
  • MP3: 44.1k/48kHz, 32/64/96/128/192/256/320 Kbit/s
  • Number of channels: 4 channels
  • Recorded files, 4-channel mode
  • Mono: Up to 4 files
  • Stereo: Up to 2 files
  • Stereo (1 file) + mono (up to 2 files)
  • Recorded files, multitrack mode
  • Mono: Up to 4 files 
  • Integrated Stereo Microhone
  • 2 microphones inputs,
  • Headphone connection
  • Integrated Speaker.