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DBC Digital Betacam Videocassette 124 min

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DBC High Durability and High Output Combined with the Consistency and Reliability Needed Specifically for the Digital Betacam Format

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DBC formulation provides superior operational and archival performance in extreme environments. The coactive site binder system is designed to improve cross-linking and reduce debris that ultimately leads to tape failure due to head clogging.

DBC polyurethane molecular binder and matrix lubricant system in conjunction with ISO 9002 certified processes provide an ultra smooth tape surface, which provide high output, low error rates, reduced debris, and exceptional durability. Advanced industry research has revealed that ultra-small metal particles achieve higher magnetic energy. These particles have been specially selected to maximize the performance in the Digital Betacam format. In this demanding digital domain, output is critical and Quantegy DBC delivers. As with all of our metal particle products, longevity and stability are safeguarded by each particle being coated with a special protective layer. This ensures that your recordings will stand unaffected by time for years to come. A new binder system provides for more dominant cross-linking that keeps on holding.

Whether you are performing multiple passes or "still framing," the binder has been reinforced to endure the toughest challenge.

    • We have incorporated a precision high-impact cassette mechanism designed for durability in professional use
    • Advanced anti-stat plastics reduce dust attraction and avoid BER buildup
    • The Quantegy exclusive labeling system is designed for fast, easy identification and shipping
    • Convenient small and large cassette sizes are available in play times from 6 minutes to 124 minutes