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Chamber Strings I

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The big Vienna Instruments DVD Collections are the most powerful sample-based orchestral virtual instruments ever created. The collections, organized in instrument-categories offer the most complete playing techniques and articulations of all instruments, enabling you to create sonic results of the highest caliber and utmost authenticity.

    Chamber Strings I instruments:
    Violin ensemble (6 players)
    Viola ensemble (4 players)
    Cello ensemble (3 players)
    Double bass ensemble (2 players)

    As in the namesake Edition of the Horizon Series, the small string ensembles present themselves as a full instrumental body rich in nuances. Tender or expressive, quiet or dynamic, light as a feather or energetic – with the help of our new performance algorithms the ensembles’ liveliness magically unfolds when you play. The Chamber Strings exude their flair for intimate arrangements in chamber music compositions or in divided string groups. Large string ensembles combined with the Chamber Strings are enhanced by additional nuances and a wealth of variations.

    Expanding on the luscious Horizon Series’ Chamber Strings Edition, this Vienna Instrument contains many new articulations, such as “Zigane” portamentos, articulations with harsh attacks, harmonics, marcato performances, new repetitions, and many others, altogether doubling the sample count of the Horizon Series’ Chamber Strings.