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Apollo Twin MkII - SOLO
Scarlett Solo Studio Pack (2nd Gen)
Scarlett Solo Studio Pack (2nd Gen) + M-Audio Keystation 49 II
Cubase Pro 10 Educational
Rodelink Performer Kit
Apollo Twin MkII - SOLO
SC5000M Prime



Audio Design
Designing the Audio system upon your specific requirements and way of working with Midi and Audio (Composing / Recording / Mixing). Determining the best combination of monitors, amplifiers, subwoofers, and room correction electronics for mixing and mastering. Designing an Audio PA System for various demands public and private purposes.

Acoustic Design
Specifying the number, type, and location of acoustic treatments to meet targets for noise isolation, as well as room sound decay and frequency response for any production or other application.

Audio Setup
Positioning the monitors for the best balance of imaging, soundstaging, and bass performance, integrating subwoofers, and setting up equalization.

Providing and installing acoustic treatment and audio equipment, by mounting / positioning, wiring in place and testing for optimum performance / workflow.

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