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SET 6172

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VHF Wireless Microphone

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Price: €119.00
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The receiver is able to receive the signal from the two microphones handhelds present in the package. The volume is adjustable from the base in an independent manner. The LEDs located on the front indicate successful connection with the microphones while the LED placed on handhelds warns about the state of charge of the battery. The volume can be adjusted independently. Frequency: A (Freq. 173.80 to 175.00)

    • Operating time: 6 hours
    • Output connectors: 6.3mm Jack
    • Operating Frequency: VHF
    • Range: 50 meters
    • Type: 2 microphones wireless microphone Handhelds
    • Size receiving base: 150 x 320 x 115 mm
    • Handheld microphone
    • Weight: 1.4 Kg
    • Carrying case: not provided
    • Color: Black
    • Power supply: 110V - 220V
    • Package Type Color Box