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Bluetooth earphones(red)

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Price: €25.00
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For sports and outdoor music playback. Unique in their kind, this type of earphones have a magnetic system that turns them into a sort of necklace when not in use. In this way they can be transported in comfort and safety. The moment you want to use them, they will be immediately available and ready for use. They recharge in about 20 minutes and have a range of up to 3 hours. The bluetooth transmission standard is 4.2 for maximum acoustic performance and maximum energy savings.

    • Adapters included USB / Micro USB cable, 2 pairs of silicone caps and clamp
    • Type of transmission Bluetooth
    • Type Earphones
    • Speakers size 10 mm
    • Color Red
    • Weight kg) 0,028
    • Supply USB 5Vdc or battery