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DMX light controller

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Price: €218.00
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DMX lighting control unit with 8 direct access channels and able to manage 6 chases and 240 scenes. Thanks to the practical Joystick it will be possible to control the movement of a scanner or moving head in real time. It has MIDI input, polarity selector and standard three-pole (XLR) connectors for maximum compatibility. An integrated microphone allows you to operate in time with the music. However, there is a "line IN" socket. There is not even a standard socket for stroboscopic light control.

    • Input connectors    XLR
    • Output connectors    XLR
    • Channels    16
    • 19" rack space    3U
    • Max scene    240
    • Joystick    Yes
    • Blackout button    Yes
    • DMX compatible    Yes
    • Total channels    192
    • Color    black
    • Weight    2,3 KG
    • Product dimensions    482 x 132 x 73mm
    • Power supply    110V - 220V