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Apollo Twin MkII - SOLO
Scarlett Solo Studio Pack (2nd Gen)
Scarlett Solo Studio Pack (2nd Gen) + M-Audio Keystation 49 II
Cubase Pro 10 Educational
Rodelink Performer Kit
Apollo Twin MkII - SOLO
SC5000M Prime

Marantz Pro - Accessories

Sound Shield

Marantz Pro Sound Shield

Sound Shield is a portable, compact device that shields a microphone from the ...

In Stock

Price €116.00
BUY Online €109.00

Excluding VAT
€ 91.60

Sound Shield Compact

Marantz Pro Sound Shield Compact

Sound Shield Compact is a professional vocal reflection filter designed to mount to ...

In Stock

Price €72.00
BUY Online €69.00

Excluding VAT
€ 57.98

Podstand 1

Marantz Pro Podstand 1

The Pod Stand 1 is perfect for desktop podcasting, on-air, or voice-over ...

In Stock

Price €49.00

Excluding VAT
€ 41.18

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