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Komplete 11 Ultimate UPG from Select & Kontakt
Vicoustic Suspended Baffle 120.6 M1 FBS Ref.82A - 4 Units
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High-quality Acoustic Panel

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The Suspended Baffle Premium technique is excellent for reducing machinery noise and other sound sources. It eliminates reflections partially or totally, as well as reverberations from the ceiling, or other surfaces. The absorption coefficient depends on the panel configuration, surface distance and panel distance per m2. Vicoustic's research has revealed that perforated foam performs better compared with standard cut foam. A perforated, 40mm thick panel gives the same results as a 70 mm thick standard panel. This is because in addition to increasing the surface absorption, it also works as a sound trap, improving sound absorption panel including Suspended Baffle Premium. The Suspended Baffle Premium can also have a white or black cover. The combination of the acoustic foam and the cover gives the Suspended Baffle Premium a fire rating Euro Class B s1d0. Applications: Gym, Manufactory, Performance Spaces, Rehearsal Rooms, Conference and Teleconference Rooms, Public Spaces, Auditoriums, etc.


  • Functionality: Absorption
  • Absorption Frequency: Medium
  • AW: 0.8
  • NRC: 0.800
  • Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass F
  • Suspended Baffle 120.6 M1 FBS Ref.82A - 4 Units

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