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Apollo Twin MkII - SOLO
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Apollo Twin MkII - SOLO
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IC-Audio MT-AMP 240 Mixer Amplifier
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240-watt 5-input Mixer Amplifier

The mixer amplifier MT-AMP 240 is ideal to be connnected to up to four microphones (XLR) and one external line source (cinch). The MT-AMP 240 can be equipped with the plugin modules CD-Player and Tuner.

The plugin modules will be installed by ic audio. Both plug-in modules are available separately so you can upgrade the MT-AMP 240 easily. Powered with 240W this mixer amplifier is the optimum »All-in-one solution« for small up to medium-sized projects.

General announcements or alerts can be adressed by push-buttons to four zones. Besides the precise volume control for each input channel the MT-AMP 240 offers fine adjustment of bass and treble.

To connect the speakers you can choose between 25 Volt, 70 Volt, 100 Volt and 8 Ohm outputs. A blue power-LED and a three digit LEDVU meter are informing you about the operational readiness and the output level of the 240 Watt powered mixer amplifier.

The MIC1 input is equipped with a vox function, which mutes all other inputs when the connected microphone is in use. Via internal jumpers phantom power (18V) can be added to the MIC - inputs. The MT-AMP 240 can be supplied from a 24V emergency power source.

19'' installation frames (for rack-mounting) are available for both mixer amplifiers.


Power: 360W/240W

Frequency Range: MIC1~MIC4: 60Hz~15KHz ±3dB

Inputs Mic1~Mic4: 250ohm, 1mV, symmetric + phantom power selectable (Jump1); AUX: 200mV, 47Kohm unbalanced; Tel: 0.1~1V, 600ohm, adjustable, balanced

Outputs: Speaker Outputs: Music/Speech: 8ohm, 25V, 70V, 100V selectable; Line Out: 600ohm, 1V; Moh Output: 8ohm, 1 Watt / 600ohm, 1V balanced THD: Less than 1% at 1KHz, rated power

Mains/Battery Voltage: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz ±10% selectable DC 24V (MAX 10% deviation)

Power Consumption: 760W

Dimensions: 100x430x380 mm

Weight: 13 kg

MT-AMP 240 Mixer Amplifier

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