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Apollo 8 DUO
Scarlett Solo Studio Pack (2nd Gen)
Scarlett Solo Studio Pack (2nd Gen) + M-Audio Keystation 49 II
Apollo 8 DUO
Novation Launchpad MKII
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The iconic grid instrument for Ableton Live.

NOVATION / XLN Addictive Drums limited time offer!

Purchase and register one of our Launchkey, Impulse, SL MkII, Launchpad Pro, Launchpad or Launchpad Mini controllers between 20 November and 31 January 2108, and you’ll get a full copy of XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2!

You can choose any AD Pak, any MIDI Pak and any Kitpiece Pak.

If you use Ableton Live, you need a Launchpad MKII. Its 8 x 8 grid has become ubiquitous with the evolution of electronic music, letting you launch clips, play drum racks and control your mixer, all while creating impressive lightshows.

Launchpad's MKII 64 pads integrate immediately with Ableton Live. They're also lit by RGB LEDS, which match the colour of your clips - so you can see at a glance what clips are loaded, playing or recording.

Jointly designed by Ableton and Novation, Launchpad places Ableton Live at your fingertips. Whether you’re a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to truly ‘play' Live.

Launchpad is ultra-portable, it's USB bus powered (no need for power sockets) and weights in at just 998 grams!




  • 64 (8x8 grid) square RGB backlit buttons
  • 8 round RGB backlit system buttons (assignable)
  • 8 round RGB backlit function buttons (not assignable)
  • Orange rubber base mat
  • USB socket
  • Ableton Live Lite 9 is included
  • Launchpad MKII

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